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Everything you need to know if you use Invisalign

If there is a dental treatment that is fashionable in recent years is Invisalign, or what is the same, invisible orthodontics.  These dental aligners, which we have already talked about previously, are a safe and discreet method of wearing orthodontics to align your teeth and maintain a perfect smile.

In other articles we have already told you what Invisalign is and what advantages it has. We have even made a comparison between invisible braces and traditional braces (brackets), which you can read here. Now we give you these 6 tips to keep in mind if you use or want to use Invisalign or invisible braces.


1. The duration of treatment with Invisalign is not the same for everyone.

The same happens with other types of orthodontics, as is normal, each person is different and has teeth with different problems. The evolution can also vary with each patient. Approximately, the treatment lasts about 1 year in an adult person, although as we say, this can vary.

The best thing is that thanks to new technologies, it is possible to know the final result and the evolution since the beginning of the treatment, a great advance compared to other traditional methods.


2. Try to wear the aligners most of the day.

For the best possible evolution, it is recommended to wear the invisible aligners about 22 hours a day and every day, of course. It is true that one of their advantages is that they can be easily removed and put on, and you can do it to eat, but the rest of the time it is ideal to wear them all the time. Keep in mind that the longer you wear them, the faster you will get used to them.

For this reason also the duration may vary, if you wear them for less time than recommended, it may happen that the terms are lengthened.


3. Clean dental aligners often

Oral health is something that should be a priority and hygiene in our mouth prevents infections and other problems. Not only when we wear invisible or traditional orthodontics.

Therefore, every time you remove your invisalign aligners, you should clean them. This cleaning is done with a special brush, warm or cold water and neutral soap.

Never wash with hot water to avoid deformation. Do not use toothpaste or mouthwash for the aligners, but you can do it for your own oral hygiene.

You will also be given a specific cleaning product, which should be used a couple of times a week. This will ensure perfect cleaning and disinfection.

One last piece of advice is that when you remove them, even if only momentarily, you should keep them in the box that comes with them.


4. Faster results than other systems

This is probably one of the benefits most appreciated by its users. Invisible orthodontics is a faster treatment than classic orthodontics such as braces.

The first changes can be seen very soon, in just a few months. Although much depends on the patient’s use and involvement. By applying the advice given in these two articles, the process does not have to slow down.


5. Habits you should avoid if you use Invisalign

There are a series of acts or habits that are best avoided when wearing invisible braces such as this one.

In addition to wearing them almost all day, as we have already mentioned, it is advisable to reduce smoking as much as possible, especially if you smoke while wearing the aligners, as these can become dirty and destroy the esthetic transparent finish. And they could stain and darken if you smoke regularly.

If you smoke, it is best to do so without Invisalign in place and brush your teeth before putting them back in. If you find it difficult or tiring, it may be a good time to reduce your consumption, something that will benefit your oral health in general.


6. Retainer or Maintenance Splint

As we have been saying, invisible braces have the best results in the shortest time. But as with all orthodontic treatment, the ‘work’ does not end once we have our perfect smile.

Once the Invisalign process is finished, we will have to maintain those results. The longer we comply with these tips, the longer our teeth will last in perfect condition.

To prevent the teeth from moving and returning to their original place, maintenance splints or retainers are provided. These can be worn while you sleep, it is not necessary to wear them the rest of the day.

Our recommendation is that since you are already used to wearing dental aligners, take advantage of it and do not stop wearing them at night, since retainers are the same or very similar to aligners.

If you want us to make an assessment of your case, you can make your first appointment without obligation at Baldrich Dental Clinic, experts in Invisalign in Viladecans. Call us now at 936 58 46 81 or send us a Whatsapp message to 620 63 83 86.

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